Genome Club in Palestine


العنوان: جنين، Palestine

بريد الكتروني:

التصنيف: تعليم

Individual initiative towards the scientific community Palestinian. (( Teaching and learning activities for teacher Muhannad Khlouf ))

if you can help us .. by supporting , advising , .. books ..anything that improve our mission, Your Ideas and suggestions is important to us. ** For support my Scientific Activities Sponsored by your : ===================================== ARAB ISLAMIC BANK Account Number : 4-3-210107-4332772-1 IBAN(NIS) : PS11AISB040321010704332772001 or : Account Number : 4-2-210101-4332772-1 IBAN(Dollar): PS04AISB040221010104332772001 CUSTOMER NAME : Muhannad Imad Mahmoud KHlouf Jenin City / West bank - Palestine =====================================