Palestine Exchange (PEX)

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This is the official PEX page.

Palestine Exchange (PEX) was established in 1995 to promote investment in Palestine. The PEX was fully automated upon establishment- a first amongst the Arab Stock Exchanges. The PEX became a public shareholding company in February 2010 responding to principles of transparency and good governance. The PEX operates under the supervision of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority. The PEX strives to provide an enabling environment for trading that is characterized by equity ,transparency and competence, serving and maintaining the interest of investors. The PEX is very appealing in terms of market capitalization, it is financially sound, and well capitalized to maintain a steady business in a volatile world, as it passed with the minimum level of impact of the global financial crisis compared to other MENA Exchanges. There are 48 listed companies on PEX as of 03/07/2012 with market capitalization of about $ 2.8 billion across five main economic sectors; banking and financial services, insurance, investments, industry, and services. Most of the listed companies are profitable and trade in Jordanian Dinar, while others trade in US Dollars. Only stocks are currently traded on PEX, but there is potential and readiness to trade other securities in the future.