St. Catherine Church - Bethlehem

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العنوان: بيت لحم، St. Catherine Nativity Church

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التصنيف: كنيسة/منظمة دينية

The Church of St. Catherine exist since the 12th Century which serves the needs of the local Catholic community that consist of 1449 family = 5285 member.

The name “Custody of the Holy Land” refers to the Franciscans of the Order of Friars Minor, who have been present in the south eastern Mediterranean region since the earliest days of the Order. Founded by St. Francis in 1209, the Franciscan Order was commissioned by the Church in the 13th century to protect the Holy Places in the Holy Land in the name of all of Christianity. they established themselves in Bethlehem in 1347 in a monastery and a church next to the Basilica of the Nativity dedicated to the holy martyr St. Catherine of Alexandria. As recorded in ancient chronicles and documents, the Sultan gave the friars of the cord ownership of the Church and Grotto of the Nativity. From this period onwards it was the Franciscans who made up the religious of the Latin rite in Bethlehem for the Local Christian communities who live alongside the holy places. The local communities are made up of parishes of different Catholic rites and traditions (Western and Eastern). the Franciscans have the responsibility for the various Latin parishes whose in the holy places. In St. Catherine Latin Parish the Priests are: Parish Priest: Fr. Nerwan Al Bana Vice Parish Priests: Fr. Badie Elias and Fr. Luai Bsharat PS: for more information about the Custody of the Holy Land you can find it on: