Natuf Organization for Environment & Community Development


العنوان: غزة، Near UNDP Building

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التصنيف: منظمة غير حكومية

Natuf is a Palestinian Non-governmental Organization that promotes community development in a healthy environment in addition to a proven track of experience in community development, environment and infrastructure.

The issues of poverty, unemployment, environment, infancy issues, accessibility to education and health services lie at the top priorities in Natuf’s agenda. Therefore Natuf has adopted practical steps in this regard since it implemented, successfully, a microfinance program concerned with improving the living conditions of university graduates, unemployed workers, and impoverished households throughout Gaza Strip on behalf of Qatar Charity. In this regard, Natuf is currently implementing a three-year grant microfinance project on behalf of Qatar Charity. In addition to a package of projects directed towards the children in schools such as the project of feeding governmental schools with potable water and the project of the provision of stainless steel water tanks for schools in Gaza Strip aiming consequently at creating an alert state of awareness among the students of the danger of the polluted water, the nature of water crisis in Palestine and the globe as well as at developing a healthy atmosphere in which the children could live and simultaneously similar to these healthy conditions in other parts of the world.