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Qartallo M. Sons Trading Co. About Us Our business founded in 1990 . We start in automotive paints and accessories we promised our customers the Service , Quality & Experience , this make us to developing our business all the time , Next step we opened a modern workshop for repair cars and painting using the modern spray oven , and later we add decoration products to our business & decoration Tools . Qartallo International Limited ( Qartallo China ) Our Qartallo International Limited branch in China Guangzhuo city serve our company customers control quality and searching the best factories and do planing and advice for our customers all over the world . We are developing our business very fast . Our Experience more than 25 years . Our main target to do our business with best results that can last for long time and have our own stamp . Our Products Our products the most important thing is the quality , after quality we offer our customer the best service with our long experience because in this time very hard to find the suitable people that can advice honestly with out they make money there main target . We are trying our best to keep our way for doing business with out any changes all the time what ever with whom we are doing the business . Our Target Our Target every one value our hard working for doing the best every time with out mistakes , make sure to open our mind for others to full understanding to do the business in friendship feelings to last for long term , grow up together for better life and best business. Not important which country or which language important our mind matching with our customer mind to keep moving with open minds and open hearts .