Afif Shuqqo & Sons' Company for Sweets & General Trading

هاتف: 092384891

العنوان: نابلس،

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التصنيف: صناعات

Shuqqo Bld. - Haifa St. - Nablus - Palestine Tel: +970 9 2384891 Fax: +970 9 2391178 Mobile: +970 599186816 , +970 599337611

Afif Shuqqo & Sons' is a family owned company for sweets production. It has been established in the 1980s and was the first Palestinian company of it's type. The company had started with different types of delight and simple sugar dragées, and gradually, a large scale of chocolate and chocolate dragées lines production was developed, Other new types of delight and sugar dragées were added, and better quality, more invented colors were produced.