Holy Land Company - HLC

هاتف: 022405484

العنوان: رام الله والبيرة، Al Bukhary street

بريد الكتروني: info@hlc.com.ps

موقع الكتروني: http://www.hlc.com.ps

التصنيف: صحة/طب/أدوية

شركة الأرض المقدسة للتجهيزات الطبية والمخبرية

We Are a distributor of MEDICAL and laboratory equipment in Palestine since 1992. To participate in improving health care in Palestine; we distributed and maintained thousands of high technology medical and laboratory equipment. BY raising the slogan of “CUSTOMERS CONFIDENCE IS OUR CAPITAL”; we are proud of our reputation in pre-sales and after-sales services. Dear customer, read our history, ask who tried, and then try, we are confident to become your permanent partner.