ALWatanieh Securities Company

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العنوان: رام الله والبيرة، Al Kulliya Al Ahliya street

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Al Watanieh Securities Company, a member of the union of Arab Stock Exchange, was the first brokerage house to be established in Palestine . We're headquartered in Ramallah city in West Bank . We have a branch in Gaza and we plan to open new branches in other cities in West Bank and Gaza . Al Watanieh provides securities brokerage and financial services to corporations, governments, funds, and individuals around the world in Palestine Exchange (PEX) and in Amman Stock Exchange(ASE), Regional and International Markets via the sister- firm AWRAQ Investments, another pioneering marker in this field in Jordan . Al Watanieh is authorized to undertake transitions on behalf of its clients. The company's experienced and highly professional team of financial analysts and other experts always relies on scientific method in decision making. This plan of work, coupled with Al Watanieh's ability to adjust in accordance with the various circumstances at Palestine Exchange (PEX), is instrumental in the ongoing success of our firm. ننوه الى ان هذه الصفحة غير رسمية وان محتوياتها لا تلزم الشركة الوطنية للاوراق المالية باية ملاحقات قانونية والاخبار المدرجة في هذه الصفحة هي نقلا عن مواقع مشهورة.