العنوان: رام الله والبيرة، Al-Bireh

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Marketing & Business Development, Multimedia Production and much more...

We are specialized in certain fields to provide efficiency and effectiveness to all customers, our specialty is summarized as follows: -|- Multi Media Production: Graphics, Animated Films (2D, 3D), Video Production (Video Clips, Documentaries), Illustration, Musical Production, Flash Products, Multimedia presentations, e-Learning products and Business Communication Tools (BCT) We seek uniqueness in tailoring our productions in a creative way to be used to fulfil different needs and objectives for our customers; including but not limited to advertisements, development and awareness. -|- Multimedia Training: Graphic Design, Illustration, Video & Audio Editing, Animation (2D, 3D), Flash Presentations, Multi Media Presentations The value of any human society depends on the development of its individuals, that’s why we are taking a part in this as we seek to add value to our Palestinian society.