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Marble & Stone Cutting

We offer Top quality of stone. Together with you, we will help you to figure out what you need to complete your beautiful buildings, Stonewall steps & fireplace with steps made from organic stone created by mother nature. It is our objective to be your partner in the stone selection process. We will be by your side to develop a relationship that will last a life time. Strength, character, durability - these terms are all synonymous with our product. Thank you for visiting our page, and please contact one of our qualified representatives to assist you in anyway that we can. HANNA MURRA Company Mountain Street - Bethlehem, Palestine Near the Central Market - under Palestine Ahlieh University. To contact: Walid Murra/ Executive Manager 0598310685 Hanna Murra/ Sales Division 0598560398 Rony Murra/ Production Division 0598885145