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التصنيف: زراعة/مزارع

SAVICO ... Working Always to Stay the Best

Al-Sanabel Company for Veterinary and Agricultural Investment (SAVICO) is one of the biggest companies that are working in this field in Palestine (West bank and Gaza) since more than 25 years ago. SAVICO is directed by an integrated crew of Engineers, Doctors, researchers, and administrators with different specialties in Agricultural and chemical engineering, veterinary medicine, medical and molecular researchers, besides an assistant staff of medical experts, PhD researchers and big staff of workers and field veterinarians. SAVICO owns many veterinary clinics and pharmacies over the country with many veterinarians working crew, other than medicines and vaccines stores. SAVICO provides a real huge and diverse distinctive services and activities in the veterinary and agricultural field. It provides the Palestinian market with almost all products of antibiotics, vitamins, feed additives, livestock utilities and equipments, reproductive hormones, pesticides, management requirements, in addition that SAVICO was the first company to work in the field of marketing all animal and poultry vaccines in Palestine. It provides all these products from different trustworthy sources . During long years of working and good experience in this field, SAVICO succeeded in building very strong and forked relations with veterinary crew as well as livestock owners in the country, which enable it to increase its work and business year by another. It also entered the field of preparing veterinary laboratories and accomplishing veterinary training programs. SAVICO seeks always for enlarging its business and activities in all aspects regarding this manner, and open new relations with trustworthy companies around the world for the aim of providing the Palestinian market with every valid product or service. General Manager: Eng. Nasser A. A. Ghannam 00972 _ 599 - 205396 Main Office: Dr. Mohammad Y. Manasrah TelFax: 00972-02-2743883 E-mail: P.O.BOX: 283 Address: Palestine – Bethlehem – Al-Mahed st.- near Jawwal exhibition. Marketing and Sales : Dr. Husam S. M. AL-Sayyed Mobile : 00972 – 599 - 965020 00972 – 597 - 589777 SAVICO ... Working Always to Stay the Best