Ali K. Thawabtah Company For Importing , Exporting and Marketing

هاتف: 2769252

العنوان: بيت لحم، Palestine

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Ali Khader Thawabtah company is located in the heart of the stone and marble industrial area in Palestine.

Our Company is located in Jesus' City, "Bethlehem" in Palestine. It was established in 1988 covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Our company's business comprises stone and marble, mining, processing, decorating and international trade. We are leaders in these fields, as the first company in this industry in our area and as such have unmatched experience and expertise. We have hundreds of quarries to ensure our steady supply with high qualities and a variety of stone and marble to meet our clients' needs. Moreover, we have our own factories and we are an agent of more than 300 factories in order to fulfill the increasing demand on our famous products and to ensure the processing of all orders in a timely manner. Our minimum annual output is 600,000m2 of Holy Jerusalem, Hebron, and Bethlehem stone and marble to our customers in the USA, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan etc. We have more than 100 employees and handcrafters who are skillful and expert in this field. We specialise in all kinds of holy stone and marble such as, slabs, tiles, countertops, vanity-tops, carving, steps, pavement, columns, fountains, etc and are ready to fulfill any special orders. Our international trade is long. We have a wide experience in the field of exchange trade. We deal with many famous companies and factories all over the world. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry.