Jerashi Printing House

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العنوان: بيت لحم،

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التصنيف: الفضاء/الدفاع

*JERASHI PRINTING HOUSE came to life in 1993 in Bethlehem, operated under the same name of our village JERASH, It is a family business and under the ownership of Mr. Khalid Hussein (Jerashi).

JPH is a family business founded in 1993 in Bethlehem city by Mr. Khalid Hussein (Jerashi). As a result of a continuous development in the administration, techniques, graphic designs, services, and printing solution, we turned from a printing shop to a printing house in 2006 when the administration considered constructing a special building of 800 meters. The new building of the printing house consists of two floors; first floor contains a management section, marketing, accounting, graphic design, studio, and digital printing while the ground floor has the store, prepress, offset printing, die cutting, hot foil, finishing and packaging. The big step that was taken by the management to change the printing house location, expand services, and develop machines has led to a great promotion of our work in the market. We have won new customers, increased our sales, and gained self-confidence. Presently, we are enjoying a good reputation that stems from our priority of gaining the customer satisfaction and focusing on offering the highest quality of our products and services.