Al Uqab Company For General Contracts

هاتف: 0598108598 022253812 022215352 022220963

العنوان: الخليل، Ber Al Mahjar Street

بريد الكتروني:

موقع الكتروني: Under Design & Construction

التصنيف: شركة

شركة العُقاب للمقاولات والتعهدات العامة : أبنية - مياه وصرف صحي ( بنية تحتية) - إلكتروميكانيك - طرق/ المدير التنفيذي : المهندس أشرف شكري مراد

Scope of Works: A. Building Construction: such as Schools, Health Centers, Hospitals and Health Clinics, Factories, Shopping Centers and Residential Buildings. B. Waste Water Networking System (Sewerage). C. Water Supply Networks and Systems: UCGC has executed many reinforced concrete reservoirs (ground and elevated tanks), pumps, water transmission pipelines, water distribution networks and many other projects; including all mechanical works, fittings, manholes, meters, different types of valves … etc. D. Roads: UCGC has executed the " Access Road to Girl's Secondary School" at Nahaleen Village – Bethlehem District, length of 700m, 6m width two liens asphalting and two sidewalks 1,2 m each, which includes sub-grade works (cut and fill),rubble stone retaining walls, culverts, ditches, electrical works (conduits, wiring, electrical poles installations and lighting units) , installation of transmission steel pipes water line (3"),curbstones for both sides and road marking with board signs – Bethlehem District. E. Electro-mechanical.