Nabil Fouad Shurrab & Sons Company For Glass and Mirror

هاتف: 082844533

العنوان: غزة، Gaza - Palestine - Port Said Street

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a leader in the field glass and mirrors, in Gaza. Provide differentiated solutions and advanced in the field of glass buildings , decoration, furniture

Nabil Fouad Shurrab & Sons is a leader in the field of trade glass in Palestine, especially Gaza. Provide differentiated solutions and advanced in the field of glass buildings , decoration, furniture , glass , Alschorit doors , mirrors and sinks in addition to the provision of services for installation of glass. By focusing on the Gaza Strip , has managed the quality of work in the company Nabil Fouad shurrab and Sons to reach all companies and professional institutions and businesses operating in the glass We have changed our definition of the meaning of the glass just solid material transparent to high product quality and performance , so as to ensure protection , thermal and acoustic insulation , control of solar energy , and energy conservation . Company philosophy Nabil Fouad shurrab& Sons focuses on customer satisfaction and comfort , and a belief in the importance of after-sales service and maintenance , in order to get to the relationships with our customers long-term partnership . Our competitiveness lies in the possibility of subjecting glass processing with atypical dimensions , and the ability of laboratories applying the latest in quality systems and quality tests , so as to ensure the client's identical product specifications and free from defects. Today , based in Gaza City Alshaabya Road junction Port Said - Palestine - company employs approximately 25 professionals specializing in the field of glass and painting and we are still continuing to expand .. Vision: To remain in the forefront of the field of glass in Palestine exceeded expectations by the client , providing confidence through safety , reliability and durability without compromising the aesthetic form . I have realized this vision in the region , thanks to the efforts of our team and the outstanding specialist . Our mission : 1- Superior flexibility in the delivery of services , which are in line with the expectations of a rapidly changing world , the only way we are to honor our customers in Palestine . 2- Believing that our workers are the cornerstone of the success of the company Nabil shurrab & Sons We are committed to providing a work environment full of enthusiasm and competition , which will help them to give the maximum rate of energy and growth .