هاتف: 0598032136

العنوان: رام الله والبيرة، Al-Irsal Str., Al-Nabali w Al-Faris B., 5th Floor.

موقع الكتروني: http://www.homyt.com/

التصنيف: كمبيوتر/تقنيات

Homyt, thinking deserve. working on Smart online operation system, technical research and development, Manufacturing and MKT-Adsing services.

Homyt is a Palestinian company working on smart online OS and manufacturing devices with "Holographic" shows for using it in home, work places and advertising. Homyt has 4 sections ; 1. Homyt OS : the section who's creating a SMART online operating system "can understand, talk, teach, give designs, FEEL and more..". 2. (Tech.RD) Technical research and development : working to test, find and developing new ways in the technical world. 3. Manufacturing : Manufacturing and testing Holographic devices and more projects. 4. 1o1Plus : the adverting section of Homyt who's help our clients and customers in marketing, advertising, designing and web developing. - working in crazy, creative and interactive way - . * || NOTE || Homyt has stopped work on the 1st 3 sections at April.2015 and it's only work in 1o1Plus section now because Homyt doesn't has rights to keep working in Palestine on that projects, BUT We are coming back soon, and in Palestine, this situation need time to fix it. *The expecting date to restart work : June.2016s. We hope you can understand our situation and we are sure you will support us. Homyt Team - Palestine.